Want to be a saint?
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  • The book St. Teresa of Avila claimed "converted over 1,000,000 souls to Christ"!
  • Which book St. Francis de Sales carried in his pocket for eighteen years, reading from it everyday!
  • BONUS Appendix: "The Popes' Favorite Books" (find out Pope Francis' favorite book!)
Dr. Scott Hahn
Author of Rome Sweet Home
"As a bibliophile, I'm always looking for my next good book. But why not turn to the saints? Thanks to Brandon, we can read what they read and learn from their favorite books."
Dr. Bert Ghezzi
Author of Voices of the Saints
"In this great book Brandon Vogt honors many favorite saints. I enjoyed learning about the books that influenced their lives and opened the doors to holiness. Reading these books should help us become like them. Let’s get started!"
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